Banyan Global


Our Work in the Health Sector

Banyan Global has developed a unique technical niche in the health care field: we adapt business and finance skills for the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors to achieve positive health outcomes in developing countries. Our efforts build systems; improve maternal and child health, reproductive health, and nutrition; promote family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; reduce disease; and increase access to care. Show More

Our health sector expertise includes the following:

  • Health-systems strengthening: Banyan Global works with local partners to strengthen health systems. Our efforts increase financial protection, expand coverage, improve the quality of essential health services, and promote responsiveness.
  • Human resources for health:Banyan Global supports workforce development by building the capacity and quality of training institutions, expanding student financing options to increase enrollment and graduation rates, strengthening human resources information systems, improving the governance and management of the health workforce, and improving health-worker retention and deployment in underserved areas.
  • Private-sector development:We strengthen the private sector’s ability to contribute to positive health outcomes. Our experts structure public-private partnerships (PPPs), support private-sector engagement, promote networks and franchises, improve access to finance and business skills, and strengthen financing and regulatory reforms.
  • Access to finance for providers: We work with financial institutions to promote health-sector lending, link private providers to business-development services, and negotiate guarantees and credit lines.
  • Health financing: Our experts promote financial protection and increased financial access to health services. Our work strengthens national health-financing systems and community-based schemes, promotes domestic resource mobilization, and catalyzes private investment. We prepare private providers for accreditation and different payment systems.
  • Private networks and franchises: We work with health networks to develop business plans, conduct feasibility studies and implement systems to maximize economies of scale, improve viability, and achieve impact. We work with franchisees to improve viability through business training and access to finance.
  • Public-private partnerships: We broker PPPs and alliances to promote positive health outcomes. We also build governments’ capacities to identify, assess, structure, and manage PPPs.
  • Sustainability and transition: Banyan Global builds the financial and management capacity of public, private, and not-for-profit health-sector entities, promoting sustainability and transition.
  • Gender and youth: Banyan Global designs, implements, and monitors activities to ensure that men, women, boys, and girls have equitable access to health services.