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Small-Scale Private Health Sector Finance Assessment

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Banyan Global assessed the financing needs of small-scale private health care providers, distributors, and retailers in Azerbaijan for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The objectives of the assessment were to identify the market’s composition, size, financing needs, and potential financing options, as well as to define the regulatory and operating environment for the small-scale private health sector. The final report included the results of a document review, stakeholder interviews with public- and private-sector representatives, focus group discussions, and individual interviews with health-sector businesses and the EBRD’s partner financial institutions in Azerbaijan. The assessment describes the risks and opportunities in the sector and provides essential market information for the EBRD and its partner financial institutions that are interested in deepening their exposure to private-health-sector micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises. The results of this assessment informed internal EBRD discussions on strategies to support microenterprise and small and medium enterprise lending to the health care sector in Azerbaijan and the region.