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Our Work in Finance And Investment

A sound and inclusive financial sector is an engine of economic growth. Banyan Global supports more-transparent financial systems and strengthens financial institutions. It also expands access to financial services for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs); women and youth entrepreneurs; agribusinesses; start-ups; and traders and exporters. Our facilitated approach works at the policy, financial institution, firm, and borrower levels to increase access to finance and investment, leading to a more competitive and innovative private sector.

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Our finance and investment team includes bankers, development finance specialists, economists and policy experts.

Our finance and investment expertise includes the following:

  • Access to finance: Banyan Global provides demand-side support to help MSMEs and larger export-oriented businesses to access financing, including via business training, business planning, feasibility studies, and loan packaging. We have expertise assisting youth- and women-owned businesses to access financing as well as supporting underserved sectors—such as health, agriculture, and energy—to obtain investment.
  • Financial-institution capacity building: We assist financial institutions (including banks, microfinance institutions, and investment funds) to diversify their client base and product offerings through technical assistance, including strategy setting, market research, product development, and staff training.
  • Value-chain finance: Banyan Global works with financial institutions and other entities to develop financial products and services to improve the competitiveness of industries and sectors.
  • MSME finance: Banyan Global works with financial institutions to initiate and expand lending to MSMEs. Our expertise includes designing micro- and SME-lending programs, training a range of financial institutions (including banks and microfinance institutions) in lending and marketing to the MSME sector, market research, loan-product development, and creating market linkages.
  • Development Credit Authority (DCA) guarantee support: Banyan Global helps the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other donors to structure and support loan guarantees to stimulate local capital flows to underserved markets and businesses.
  • Policy and regulatory services: Banyan Global works with policymakers and regulators to develop sound financial-sector policies and improve regulatory capacity.
  • Public financial management: Banyan Global provides expertise in fiscal policy, budget planning, revenue forecasting and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Insurance: Our experts help formal-sector insurers, managed-care companies, governments, social-security systems, and microfinance institutions develop and expand insurance coverage.
  • Evaluations, impact studies, and market research: Banyan Global conducts financial-sector evaluations, impact studies, and market research to provide insight on current market dynamics and successful models that bring scale and innovation to financial-sector interventions.

Finance And Investment

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