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Incentives Driving Economic Alternatives–North, East, West (IDEA-NEW)

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As a subcontractor to DAI, Banyan Global provided technical and capacity-building assistance to the IDEA-NEW’s Gender and Microenterprise (GME) Unit, which supported and strengthens women’s economic activities in Afghanistan. Banyan Global focused on integrating the GME Unit’s activities into IDEA-NEW’s broader value chain and private-sector development initiatives by assessing the roles of women in high potential rural value chains and directing project support towards engaging women in key functions. Support focused on a commercialization and business planning strategy for a women-operated fruit and vegetable packing facility, which now plays a critical role in the competiveness of the horticulture sector. Banyan Global also provided ongoing capacity-building support to the GME team to incorporate women’s income-generating activities into a sustainable economic growth strategy.