Banyan Global


Our Work in Gender

Banyan Global is a leader in gender integration and women’s economic empowerment. We believe that a gender focus must be integrated into all phases of the development process, from project design to implementation to monitoring and evaluation. We use a gender-transformative approach that integrates the concerns, needs, and interests of women, men, boys, and girls to design and implement activities that empower women and girls while doing no harm. Show More

Our gender expertise includes the following:

  • Women’s economic empowerment and equality (WE3):Banyan Global works globally to strengthen WE3 to support economic and human-capital growth on a transformational scale. Banyan Global assists the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other donors to design, implement, evaluate, and learn from evidenced-based WE3 programming. Banyan Global also leads USAID’s learning agenda for the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative.
  • Gender analyses, assessments, and audits:Banyan Global conducts gender analyses, assessments, and audits. We implement gender analyses in line with USAID Automated Directives System 205 and have supported USAID missions to conduct gender analyses for activities, program designs, and Country Development Cooperation Strategies.
  • Gender integration in program design and implementation: Banyan Global integrates gender into the design and implementation of multisectoral development projects. This work includes developing gender policy statements and designing and implementing gender-transformative activities and measurement tools.
  • Gender training:Banyan Global conducts gender-integration and gender-sensitivity trainings and workshops for USAID staff, projects, and local organizations. Instruction includes modules on gender-transformative approaches, social norms and behavior change, gender-integration tools and techniques, and gendered measurement tools.
  • Social-norms change: Banyan Global conducts research and programming on social-norms change. Our gender team utilizes best-practice behavior-change communication theories and strategies to conduct formative research, design innovative interventions, implement rigorous measurement techniques, and capture and disseminate findings in clear and accessible learning products.
  • Gender-based violence (GBV): Banyan Global designs tools and implements projects to integrate GBV prevention and response across sectoral programing. Our expertise includes work on child, early, and forced marriage; public harassment; and intimate partner violence.
  • Sustainability and transition: Banyan Global works with host-country partners to build their capacity to design, implement, and measure gender-transformative programming.