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The Nexus of Microwork and Impact Sourcing, Global Center for Youth Employment

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Banyan Global is a member of the Global Center for Youth Employment. The Center’s vision is to reduce global youth unemployment through the creation, adoption, and integration of innovative, evidence-based and evidence producing interventions and tools. Banyan Global led a research assessment to analyze the potential of microwork and impact-sourcing to create workforce and livelihoods opportunities for disconnected and vulnerable male and female youth. Qualitative research included interviews with microwork and impact sourcing implementers, donors, and clients, including Microsoft, Pinterest, Ebay, Getty Images, Samasource, Digital Divide Data, Daiprom, Rockefeller Foundation, and MasterCard Foundation among others, and insights from site visits to microwork centers in East Africa. The final report includes a comprehensive analysis, and maps current trends, challenges, and success factors surrounding the implementation of microwork and impact-sourcing.