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Rwanda Health Systems Strengthening Activity (RHSSA)

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The United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) Rwanda Health Systems Strengthening activity provides integrated and coordinated technical assistance in the area of health systems strengthening at the central, decentralized and community levels in order to improve leadership and advocacy; strengthen governance, policy and planning; increase revenue mobilized by the health sector through domestic and private sector sources to achieve sustainability; improve and expand quality health services through more effective and efficient use of resources; and improve monitoring and evaluation and learning. Banyan Global’s role on the project is to formalize, strengthen and incentivize public-private partnerships (PPPs) and support the development of a PPP unit in the ministry of health; strengthen revenue generation and mobilization by supporting the scale-up of a community health worker model; support public facilities in business planning and strengthening self-sufficiency; and create a framework for private sector investment in health. Banyan Global is also leading gender integration on the project. This includes designing and conducting training for project staff on gender integration; developing gender integration action plans for each of the project’s technical areas; developing a gender integration policy for the project; implementing gender integration activities; and assisting in monitoring and evaluation.