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The Private Sector Project for Women’s Health Jordan

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Banyan Global was a subcontractor to Abt Associates on the United States Agency for International Development-funded Private Sector Project for Women’s Health. The project helped the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan improve the health of Jordanian women and families through the increased availability of quality private-sector health care services, improved knowledge of how to self-manage illnesses, increased use of preventive and early detection measures, and a reduction in domestic violence. Banyan Global improved the sustainability and capacity of Jordanian nongovernmental organizations, strengthened the business capacity of female doctors in private practice, and explored the possibility of strengthening a network of women doctors. Banyan Global also prepared a financial analysis of a proposed national universal breast cancer screening program. The analysis examined the current and projected costs to the government of Jordan as well as the relative costs and benefits of finding cancer early versus in its later stages.