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Livelihoods/Vulnerable Populations Assessment

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Banyan Global conducted the Livelihoods/Vulnerable Populations Assessment under the Asia and Middle East Economic Growth Best Practices (AMEG) project as a subcontractor to Chemonics.  Banyan Global studied the economic climate in Sri Lanka related to addressing the livelihoods of vulnerable populations in historically conflict-affected areas. In particular, the work assessed the impediments to inclusive economic development of vulnerable populations in Sri Lanka (especially in the North, and the Eastern Districts of North and South Trincomalee and West Batticaloa) disadvantaged by the 26-year civil war, in order to increase economic participation and growth and lead to reconciliation. Special attention and analysis was given to the situation of youth and women, particularly in the North, to identify constraints that can be relieved (such as reforming land tenure rights to increase farming activities) and opportunities for programming to create livelihood opportunities, particularly for the most vulnerable, such as Tamil women, war widows and youth.

Banyan Global assessed the constraints to economic growth for vulnerable populations, identified opportunities to increase access to livelihoods assistance for these populations, and developed a strategy for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) mission to address these issues over the next several years. We presented recommendations for proposed interventions for USAID/Sri Lanka to implement through existing and new activities to increase livelihoods, jobs and income generation for the affected populations, including women, youth, and the disabled.