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Our Work in Evaluation and Learning

Monitoring, evaluation and learning are the bedrock of successful development. At Banyan Global we believe that evidence should serve as the foundation for successful project design, offer guidance for mid-project course corrections, and be widely disseminated at project end to offer lessons for better, more impactful programming in the future.  Show More

Development projects in all sectors face the same questions of what is working and producing results, and what is not. Our assistance helps governments, donors and civil society to assess performance, identify lessons learned, and disseminate knowledge to improve programming in the future.

Our monitoring, evaluation and learning work covers a number of sectors, including food security and agriculture, health, financial services, economic growth and livelihoods, trade and investment, and gender. We provide monitoring and evaluation services at the program, institution, sector, and mission-level.

Our monitoring and evaluation expertise includes the following:

  • Impact evaluations: Banyan Global designs and conducts rigorous impact evaluations, including longitudinal studies and randomized control trials.
  • Mid-term and final project evaluations: Banyan Global designs and conducts quantitative and qualitative mid-term and final project evaluations across a wide variety of sectors.
  • Portfolio, sector, and institutional assessments: Working with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) missions and other donors, Banyan Global has conducted portfolio reviews, sector assessments, rigorous market research and institutional analysis.
  • Monitoring systems: Banyan Global has led the development of indicators and performance monitoring plans, implemented monitoring systems, collected and analyzed data, and reported findings for USAID projects.
  • Training and capacity building: In support of USAID Forward, Banyan Global has conducted training and technical assistance to build the capacity of local research firms to improve monitoring, evaluation, and market research services.
  • Complex environments: Banyan Global has implemented monitoring and evaluation activities in conflict and post-conflict environments and led evaluation design to measure the impact of programming in a conflict environment.