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Evaluation of the Strengthening HIV/AIDS Interventions in Djibouti (ROADS II)

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Banyan Global led an evaluation for the Strengthening HIV/AIDS Interventions in Djibouti Project under United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) PPL/LER —Monitoring and Evaluation indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract. This independent evaluation assessed the performance of the USAID/Djibouti Capacity Building for HIV/AIDS Services Project (ROADS II). Implemented by FHI 360, ROADS II is a performance-based award designed to reduce HIV/AIDS transmission among the most vulnerable populations living in and around the Djibouti-Ethiopia transport corridor. Targeted populations receive access to HIV/AIDS detection and treatment services as well as training on safe-sex behaviors. In May and June 2016, Banyan Global’s evaluation team assessed the project’s ability to achieve service-delivery targets; strengthen the ministry of health and its partners in managing the national program strategy; and fortify HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and supportive-care services. The evaluation team reviewed project documentation and performance reports, interviewed 25 health providers, 7 non-governmental organization managers, 12 program staff members, and 62 beneficiaries to assess the project’s strategies, processes, and outcomes. The results and findings of the evaluation provided USAID with a detailed assessment regarding the project’s impact on public and private partner organizational, performance, and financial capacity. Recommendations were provided outlining future project interventions to address identified organizational weaknesses and financial sustainability.