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Afghan Small and Medium Enterprise Development (ASMED) Project

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ASMED was one of the largest and most significant enterprise development projects aimed at supporting the micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) sector to create jobs and opportunities in post-war Afghanistan. ASMED was composed of the following components: market information, business-development and management skills, business associations, global development alliances and grants, and human capacity building. As a subcontractor to DAI, Banyan Global led the project’s monitoring and evaluation.  Banyan Global provided a full-time monitoring and evaluation specialist who monitored and reported on the results and impact of project activities. In addition, Banyan Global provided input to the project’s core technical areas. Banyan Global supported a special research initiative to measure the impact of the project on generating employment. Banyan Global also provided short-term advisory work to strengthen business-development services, contributed to research and impact assessments, and improved linkages with financial-services providers. In late 2008 Banyan Global fielded a short-term training specialist who worked with local business development services (BDS) firms to revise and develop new materials for an accounting and bookkeeping course targeting MSMEs financed by the First Microfinance Bank of Afghanistan. After piloting the course, the trainer worked closely with business-development service firms to revise course materials and develop a plan for rolling out the course to other financial institutions in Afghanistan. In 2009 we provided short-term technical assistance focusing on access to finance for potential clients at the bottom of the pyramid, as well as technical support and capacity building to the Afghan Bankers’ Association.