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Global Center for Youth Employment

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Banyan Global is a member of the Global Center for Youth Employment. The Global Center for Youth Employment brings together practitioners, policymakers, researchers, civil society organizations, funders, academics and other stakeholders committed to addressing the challenge of youth unemployment worldwide.  The Center’s vision is to reduce global youth unemployment through the creation, adoption, and integration of innovative, evidence-based, and evidence-producing interventions and tools. The Center is committed to developing and providing scalable innovative tools and interventions that will be easily available to implementers, policy makers, donors and other stakeholders. Over time, members of the Center will develop, disseminate, adapt, and apply evidence-based good practices to increase the scale, impact, and sustainability of youth employment programs. The Center will also serve to increase the number of organizations and institutions engaged in dialogue about key issues pertaining to youth employment through regular learning and knowledge sharing events, and by supporting the publication of research findings. Banyan Global led an effort on Microwork to create workforce and livelihoods opportunities for vulnerable young women and girls, a population that encounters unique challenges in accessing workforce and livelihoods opportunities and is largely underserved in existing workforce development projects. Banyan Global also led the Center’s Youth Engagement Strategy and Approach, providing guidance on how to ensure that youth are engaged in all aspects of the Center’s work, including planning and implementation of key activities.