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Improving the Quality of Nigerian Nursing Education Through the Provision of Teaching Aids

Institutions responsible for training and producing health workers must adhere to strict accreditation standards set by professional regulatory bodies to ensure the delivery of high-quality education. However, meeting these requirements can be challenging for some institutions due to the significant expenses involved and the need for adequate resources. Many health care training institutions in Kebbi State, Nigeria faced this challenge, such as the Sajo College of Nursing Sciences. This State-owned institution lacked the training aids in its clinical demonstration rooms necessary for its re-accreditation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

State officials of Kebbi State, Nigeria accept the provision of teaching aids for their health care training institutions from USAID/Nigeria Health Workforce Management (HWM) Activity.

Responding to this challenge, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Nigeria Health Workforce Management (HWM) Activity stepped up to support Kebbi State’s health care training institutions. Through the procurement of essential teaching aids, including obstetric and gynecological surgical equipment, multimedia projectors, and sterilization instruments, HWM aimed to bolster the practical skills and hands-on experience of students. Moreover, recognizing the pivotal role of tutors in delivering quality education, the HWM Activity conducted competency-based training sessions to enhance the capacity and skills of the tutors. This comprehensive approach not only addressed the immediate needs of the health care training institutions but also contributed to the broader goal of ensuring the delivery of high-quality education and support for students in the health workforce.

Two students and a tutor from Sajo College of Nursing Sciences share their experience following HWM’s support.

Ruqayyah Garb, 3rd Year Nursing Student

Ruqayyah Garba, Third Year Nursing Student

“Honestly I can say that we have seen improvements in our practical skills because of the new equipment because before when we went to our demonstration rooms, our instructors only showed us pictures or described some equipment or just improvised with other available equipment which I can say did not give me much confidence in my practical skills because I was among the students who failed the first Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) but after HWM donated the equipment, performing practicals became more interesting and right now, we are awaiting the result of our OSCE and I can say I have more confidence that I have passed now than my first sitting. I am so confident that I even called my father immediately after I stepped out of the exam to tell him I am sure that I have passed.”

Inem Deborah, Demonstration Room Instructor

Inem Deborah, Demonstration Room Instructor

“The students’ performance now compared to when we started work in the demonstration room is getting better. Before, we did not have much equipment and most times, we improvised to create imagery effects but now that these aids have been provided, there has been a great improvement. The availability of the equipment has really built the confidence of the students and I can even say that they are more competent now.”

Onyedika Jonathan, 2nd Year Nursing Student

Onyedika Jonathan, Second Year Nursing Student

“In my first year, around the time we went for a clinical internship, I was not very sure of my skills. I always made sure I was at the back so that I would not be pointed at to answer any practical-related questions and to demonstrate how a piece of equipment is used. However, with these teaching aids that were supplied to my school last year, I know that my skills have improved because the demonstration room instructor now shows us the equipment, explains and then demonstrates how it is used. I can even tell you that from the last clinical internship we went to at a teaching hospital, I was at the front, and I was not afraid. The confidence I have in myself and my skills is major because of these additional teaching aids we have in our demonstration rooms. We as students of Sajo College stood out in terms of our competency and knowledge of practicals at the hospital.”