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The “Tutorat” Customized Training Program for the Private Health Sector in Senegal (French)

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded global Strengthening Health Outcomes for the Private Sector (SHOPS) Plus project is designed to increase access to and use of priority health products by supporting innovative private sector approaches in the health system. In Senegal, SHOPS Plus focused on family planning, malaria, and maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health. Its work was built around public-private partnerships and strategic innovations, with special emphasis on gender and youth. Banyan Global led the access to finance component of SHOPS Plus Senegal, helping to expand financing options for private sector health providers (PHPs).

Banyan Global also designed and led the business and financial management component of the Tutorat (“tutoring”) program, an approach for strengthening health facilities’ human resources capacities through on-site coaching, which was introduced in Senegal several years ago in the public health sector. USAID’s SHOPS Plus project adapted Tutorat for the private sector, selecting 50 experienced tutors to train health providers in four specific topics: Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health; Family Planning; Disease Control; and Management. Banyan Global was responsible for the implementation of the Management module of the Tutorat program. This report (in French) gives an overview of the program, including its structure, implementation, and initial results.

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