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Business-Savvy Doctor Amps Up Service

Originally published by SHOPS Plus

Dr. Ndeye Pende Ndiaye, director of Bio Amarie Laboratory and Clinic in Kaolack, Senegal, used her newly acquired business skills to purchase lab equipment that will help clinic staff diagnose and treat more illnesses. One new purchase is an amplifier, which can help provide a more specific diagnosis than any equipment the clinic previously owned.

In late 2017, one of Dr. Ndiaye’s colleague’s attended a business and finance management training led by SHOPS Plus. The colleague learned it was possible to receive financial support to purchase lab equipment. With coaching and assistance from the trainers, Dr. Ndiaye developed a business plan and submitted a loan request to Ecobank, which was approved.

Dr. Ndiaye analyzes lab results. | Credit: SHOPS Plus

Bio Amarie, which serves more than 30 patients a day, had struggled to quickly process and report on the lab samples for a growing number of patients.

Dr. Ndiaye said, “I was no longer able to provide necessary services . . . and I needed equipment to fulfill this important demand.” Without certain lab equipment, she was forced to send lab samples to Dakar to receive and analyze reports, delaying patient treatment by at least 30 days.

Dr. Ndiaye’s clinic now analyses samples on the premises, significantly cutting the time it takes to deliver results to patients.

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