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Transformative Household Methodology Technical Learning Brief

The Transformative Household Methodology (or THM) is a tool and facilitated activity that aims to create awareness of gender relations between women, men, girls, and boys in households. With the support of a facilitator, participants identify their respective roles and responsibilities and come up with solutions to narrow gaps in workload balance, resource allocation, and decision-making power. THM is interactive, which attracts diverse household members including husbands and children. The overall goal of THM is to change perceptions of household gender stereotypes, influence families to share resources and decisions fairly, and promote income-generating activities for all family members.

This learning brief examines the impact of THM on farmer communities engaged through the Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activity. This study shows that one way to increase women’s and youth’s agency is by building mutual respect and understanding between women and men and between youth and adults. Bridging gender and age-based divisions, these value chain actors can work together to define and achieve shared goals and to support their served household agribusinesses, communities, and organizations. Development practitioners and local partners working in Ethiopia may use the findings and recommendations outlined to better familiarize themselves with household methodologies (such as THM) and their impacts, as well as to plan for future agricultural interventions that aim to transform agricultural systems through inclusive means.

For a summary of this document, refer to “Transformative Change Through Social Norms Interventions.”  You may also view the THM Training Materials and THM Training Video webpages for additional information.

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