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Millennium Challenge Corporation Financial Inclusion Project

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Banyan Global is implementing the five-year, MCC-funded Financial Inclusion project to address systemic constraints for women-owned businesses, agribusinesses and smallholder farmers, and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to access debt, equity and professional business services. The project leverages financial technology solutions through blended finance.

In Malawi, Banyan Global is assisting smallholder farmers to access financing to diversify production into commercially-oriented, high-growth value chains. Banyan Global is supporting MCC to leverage private sector investment into areas – such as rural roads and irrigation – that constrain agricultural growth. The Malawi MCC compact is exploring co-financing with the private sector to fund information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to increase transparency in transactions and pricing for farmers and develop more inclusive contract farming schemes, farm-to-market transport and logistics services, and input supply and extension services.

In Indonesia, Banyan Global is facilitating financial intermediation to support investment in critical infrastructure areas and MSMEs.  Infrastructure investment will include transport and logistics infrastructure through the use of blended financing instruments. Work in Indonesia will assist MSMEs with a focus on growth-oriented, women-owned businesses.  These efforts will increase the availability of financing through a credit guarantee program, credit registry, lending fraud detection systems, and regulatory reforms to accelerate the digital financial economy. The project will work to upgrade growth-oriented  MSME credit-worthiness.

In 2022 – 2023, Banyan Global is supporting MCC’s Compact development with Sierra Leone. A series of assessments are taking place to explore interventions that will support the productive use of electricity in agricultural value chains to improve economic expansion, diversification, competitiveness, and green growth. The Compact’s interventions will increase the productivity of agricultural value chains, especially among commercial scale agro-processors, which is anticipated to create inclusive opportunities for income generation for different segments of the population, notably youth and women who constitute a significant proportion of actors in the mostly rural agricultural sector. Banyan Global’s financial inclusion team is participating in an agricultural value chain assessment to determine key determinants to facilitating inclusive access to financial services.

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