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Husband and Wife Team Boost Health and Viability of their Practice

Originally published by SHOPS Plus

Just months after implementing business skills acquired at a SHOPS Plus training, doctors Ely and Oly Seheno saw improvements in their bottom line and prospects for increased service delivery.

In July 2016, Dr. Oly Seheno attended the SHOPS Plus business and financial management training for health providers. The training gives clinic owners the basic knowledge and tools to manage, and therefore sustain, their practices. Immediately after the training, Dr. Oly started using the financial management templates and tools SHOPS Plus provided.

Children wait for free consultations conducted by the Dr. Ely Health Center.

“As recommended during the training, I started implementing things while they were still fresh in my mind. The templates and tools were simple and easy to use, which helped me a lot,” said Dr. Oly.

With improvements in inventory management, the facility reduced the waste and costs which result from expired medications. Dr. Ely noted that Dr. Oly continues to improve the facility’s inventory management: “She is now able to say precisely the amount of each medicine we have at any time.… Since the training, we no longer have inventory that expires, so we aren’t throwing away our money….Things are looking good. We know how much income we earned every day and how much profit we made each month.”

Dr. Ely and Dr. Oly Seheno are a husband and wife team who own and operate the Dr. Ely Health Center, which opened in 2001 in Sabotsy-Namehana, Madagascar. The couple has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years and offers health services in ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, ultrasound examination, minor surgeries, and general medicine. Their health center sees an average of 30 patients per day, with up to 20 percent of the consultations being provided at no cost to the patient. Their pro bono work is an important service in a community where many are poor. The local public primary school has more than 320 students, and Dr. Ely and Dr. Oly Seheno provide free consultations for sick children, without making them wait for their biannual medical visits and check-ups.

The improvements in business and financial management have had a positive impact. The doctors are now able to calculate profitability, and as a result, they have begun innovating and making investments to expand and improve their services. For example, by enrolling in the HARENA and AFAFI health insurance systems and by increasing ultrasound examinations, the couple’s 2016 revenue grew by five percent compared to 2015. Dr. Ely and Dr. Oly Seheno are planning to diversify and offer dentistry, and they are considering taking out a loan for additional equipment purchases. Thanks to the SHOPS Plus training and subsequent improved bookkeeping, these doctors are optimistic for the future of their health center.