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Videos: Investing in Excellence

When private health providers in rural areas obtain finance to expand their health practices, access to priority health services is greater for those who need it most. SHOPS Plus increases financing to the private health sector by providing training and technical assistance to both private providers and the financial institutions. In 2019 in Madagascar, SHOPS Plus facilitated 120 loans to private providers totaling more than $1 million.

Here are two stories about how SHOPS Plus’s business training and support to financial institutions helped private health providers obtain financing to expand their business resulting in improved services for the poor.

Meet Dr. Mamitiana Raolisaona, a medical doctor based in Madagascar and a recipient of SHOPS Plus training. With the training he was able to strengthen his management and business skills and secure financing from Baobab bank, a SHOPS Plus partner, to expand his practice.

Watch Dr. Misa Rakotoarison, a doctor at CMCFE, a private clinic in in Fénérive Est, Madagascar. After receiving trainings from SHOPS Plus he was able to open a laboratory and the CMCFE medical clinic. The trainings also helped him in procuring a loan from Access Bank Madagascar, a SHOPS Plus partner, to build an operating room.

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