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Recycling in Jordan Activity: Gender Analysis

The Recycling in Jordan Activity is working with private recycling firms, the commercial sector, the Ministry of Environment, and Greater Amman Municipality to increase commercial sector recycling services in Amman. As part of the Recycling in Jordan start-up and planning efforts, the Activity team conducted a comprehensive market systems analysis including a mapping of the recycling value chain. A gender analysis was carried out to ensure the integration of gender equality and social inclusion considerations in activity planning, implementation, and monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

The gender analysis identifies and assesses inequalities, constraints, and opportunities across the recycling value chain, with a focus on the informal sector, and offers conclusions and recommendations to inform the Recycling in Jordan Activity.  The analysis examines Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) considerations in the context of the three main components of the Activity, namely to: i) Expand and improve private sector-led recycling services; ii) Generate greater demand for and utilization of recycling services within the Amman commercial sector; and iii) Increase local and national government support for solid waste management. The analysis was used to develop a GESI Strategy and Action Plan.

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