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Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Toolbox for Strengthening Capacities in Migratory Contexts of the Health Sector (Spanish)

In Colombia, the Local Health System Sustainability (LHSS) Project, also referred to as Comunidades Saludables, aims to provide technical assistance to local government health authorities to strengthen their ability to develop health policies and take action to ensure high-quality, affordable health services for the migrant population and the host community. The project assists local government health authorities in designing and implementing health policies that are more inclusive and prevent gender-based discrimination and xenophobia against migrants when trying to access health care. To further develop their capacity, LHSS Colombia, with Colombia’s Ministry of Health and the local health authorities, co-created this Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Toolkit which will be socialized with local government health authorities in multiple territories to increase their knowledge and skills so they can address existing barriers to health services, for example, bias experienced by women and girls who are migrants, and to prevent any further discrimination at health facilities. The Toolkit contains key concepts on GESI, health, and migration and walks users through the steps of building their knowledge of barriers through a GESI Analysis and implementing sustainable actions to empower the local population through intersectoral coordination, and community and civil society participation.

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