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Empleando Futuros Celebrates Sustainable Legacy through Successful Closeout

Empleando Futuros beneficiaries and supporters at the San Pedro Sula Closeout Event on October 20, 2021

On November 30, 2021, Banyan Global concluded its fifth year of the Honduras Workforce Development (WFD) Activity under the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) YouthPower Implementation indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract.

Named Empleando Futuros (Employing Futures), the WFD Activity targeted at-risk youth living in the ten Honduran municipalities that are most affected by violence, crime, and irregular migration. By close of project, Empleando Futuros had collaborated with more than 22 Honduran institutions, organizations, and/or business associations to provide services related to high quality, market-driven job orientation training, job/academic placement services, or business strengthening services for youth entrepreneurs, micro, and growing businesses in more than 150 communities.

As part of the adaptations to face the COVID-19 pandemic, Empleando Futuros collaborated with the public and private sector to develop nine online biosafety courses–the first of their kind in Honduras. The Basic Biosafety Course, the Return-to-School Biosafety Protocol and Course, along with the seven other industry-specialized biosafety courses were operationalized across ten government and private sector platforms that reached more than 1 million Honduran citizens.

As a USAID partner organization, Empleando Futuros recognized that making resources available in ways that can be adapted and used by implementing organizations and the general public is an invaluable asset for sustainability today and in the future. With this in mind, the Empleando Futuros Legacy Report (available in English and Spanish) was compiled to share the results of the project. Additional resources from the project are also available in the Empleando Futuros Digital Toolkit or on Banyan Global’s website.