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Request for Proposals (RFP) for Honduran Labor Market Assessment

Banyan Global is releasing an amendment to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Labor Market Assessment (LMA) to be conducted during 2017 under its Honduras Workforce Development (WFD) Activity, hereafter identified as “Empleando Futuros”, funded by the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) YouthPower Implementation indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract.

The attached amendment document details the following:

(1) The RFA submission deadline of proposals has been extended from January 20, 2017 to January 31, 2017.

(2) The anticipated implementation period of the LMA has been revised from four (4) months to up to six (6) months with an anticipated start in February 2017 through August 2017.

(3) The not-to-exceed amount has increase from $240,000 to $275,000 considering the extension of the implementation period.

The Empleando Futuros project in Honduras is a five year activity that is part of a broader USAID project that aims to increase citizen security for vulnerable populations in urban, high-crime areas in Honduras by supporting workforce development that will increase employment and income generating opportunities for at risk youth in Honduras. The activity will strengthen comprehensive workforce readiness services, including for job linkage and self-employment, to benefit at-risk youth, including those who qualify for secondary and tertiary violence prevention services.

The attached RFP and Amendment #1 provides the necessary information companies and organizations need to prepare proposals to participate with Empleando Futuros. This Labor Market Assessment will guide the project’s design of the comprehensive workforce development services for jobs and entrepreneurship, as well as for developing the capacity of national government and non-government services and agencies to provide market relevant workforce development services. As such, the LMA will identify youth employment opportunities, assess skill and competency gaps of at-risk youth, and recommend workforce development interventions to promote increased employment among at-risk youth.

The LMA will be undertaken to support and guide the identification of key private sector priorities, potential growth prospects in five municipalities in Honduras and specific pathways for job creation for at-risk youth. To accomplish this goal, the Labor Market Assessment will (i) analyze job market opportunities in economic sectors of the five municipal target areas including how jobs are likely to be created in the segments comprising each sector, (ii) assess at-risk youth skill levels in these same municipalities in terms of qualifying for employment; (iii) determine the types of workforce development interventions that would be required for the greatest number of at-risk youth possible to obtain employment; and (iv) recommend a design and implementation strategy for Empleando Futuros training, psychological support, and employment support programs for at-risk youth.

Please click on the following link: DOWNLOAD RFP AMENDMENT PDF

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