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Local Health System Sustainability (LHSS) Project, Jordan

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Banyan Global, as a partner on the Local Health System Sustainability (LHSS) Project in Jordan, is supporting the goals of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the government of Jordan to improve health care professionals’ competencies to deliver quality health services. Banyan Global provides technical quality assurance to LHSS Jordan as it supports Jordan’s Ministry of Health (MoH)and its Gender Unit to implement its new gender policy to ensure that gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) principles are considered across all the MoH departments.

Banyan Global works with LHSS Jordan in an effort to ensure that continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for MoH staff are inclusive and equitable for women and men as they:

  1. Build staff capacity at all levels through trainings on GESI and support key gender focal point staff in developing action plans that strengthen their internal GESI procedures so they can better integrate GESI into MoH departments and policies to create an enabling environment.
  2. Develop a Gender Advisory Committee and the accompanying terms of reference to guide the Committee’s work to support the implementation of the gender policy for CPD.

Banyan Global is a subcontractor to Abt Associates on the $209 million, five-year USAID-funded LHSS project under the Integrated Health Systems award that works globally in up to 52 countries to strengthen their health systems as a means to achieve universal health coverage and improve population health and well-being. With an eye toward empowering countries to transition away from donor support, the project is strengthening the capacity of local organizations to lead implementation. Banyan Global is responsible for providing technical assistance to promote gender integration and social inclusion in LHSS activities that strive to increase financial protection, population coverage, and service coverage of quality essential services, LHSS’s three priority areas. Banyan Global also supports work to increase private investment in the health sector.