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Empleando Futuros Visits SENA: National Service of Learning in Colombia

Empleando Futuros is exploring several avenues to more successfully engage with the private sector, while ensuring that its workforce development programs for at-risk youth in Honduras properly prepare youth for the needs and demands of the labor market.

The group during their visit to SENA. | Photo credit: Empleando Futuros.

In March 2018, Empleando Futuros organized a trip for 25 people to travel from Honduras to Colombia to visit with the Colombian National Service of Learning (SENA). The group included representatives from the government of Honduras, including the Deputy Director and several other members of the National Institute of Professional Training (INFOP); private sector leaders and vocational training center representatives; USAID staff; and Empleando Futuros staff. The purpose of the trip was for leaders and decision makers representing various institutions to learn how to better align vocational training and related services targeting youth to the needs of the labor market.

The group spent each day touring a different SENA center and engaging in discussions on how to work with the private sector to provide project participants with access to innovation and technology centers, as well as how to involve new technologies such as virtual platforms into program management. SENA emphasized the importance of building good and productive citizens, not just competent employees.

Now, Empleando Futuros is exploring the possibility of an agreement between USAID, SENA and INFOP, in which SENA will guide INFOP in expanding its activities as a project partner. With SENA’s support, USAID and Empleando Futuros can work with INFOP to develop market-driven, state of the art curricula informed by professional practitioners and industry representatives in order to provide relevant and labor market-specific services to at-risk youth in Honduras.