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Banyan Global is a prime recipient of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Advancing the Agenda of Gender Equality indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (ADVANTAGE IDIQ) contract. The ADVANTAGE IDIQ promotes gender equality on a global, regional and local scale by enabling both females and males to have equal opportunities to benefit from and contribute to economic, social, cultural, and political development; enjoying socially valued resources and rewards; and, realizing their human rights. The ADVANTAGE IDIQ strengthens USAID’s capacity to integrate gender equality and women’s empowerment systematically across its programs and projects, performance-monitoring and evaluation efforts, and procurements by providing specialized international and local expertise for gender-integration tasks. Activities under the ADVANTAGE IDIQ cover a wide spectrum of topics across multiple sectors. These topics including: gender-based violence, trafficking in persons, women’s economic empowerment, women’s leadership, legal rights (including property), inheritance and access to justice, women’s employment, women’s role in mitigating climate change and environmental stewardship, women and food security, the role of women and girls in conflict mitigation and peace-building, and gender and health (including population and HIV/AIDS) across multiple sectors including but not limited to economic growth, environment and climate change, food security and agriculture, health and nutrition and democracy, rights and governance.

Through the ADVANTAGE IDIQ, Banyan Global provides time-sensitive, short- and long-term technical services, including gender trainings; gender audits, analyses, and assessments; integrating gender into monitoring and evaluation systems; assisting in program and project design and planning; communications and outreach; reports and other deliverables on a range of gender issues with the goal of designing development strategies, projects, and activities that address gender gaps and improve development outcomes.