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WEE Community of Practice Members

The women’s economic empowerment Community of Practice (CoP) members are USAID staff and partners implementing almost 80 programs in over 60 countries. These programs focus on: recruiting, retaining, and promoting women in the workplace; entrepreneurship and access to finance, markets, and networks; and reducing discriminatory laws, employer practices, social norms, and gender-based violence including sexual harassment.

Through the CoP, members share knowledge to better understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to exponentially accelerate increasing women’s economic empowerment and gender equality. The CoP is anticipated to grow annually and has a tiered membership system.

  1. First Tier: Core group composed of USAID staff (Contract and Agreement Officer Representatives, Activity Managers, Gender Advisors, Private Sector Engagement Advisors, etc.) and implementing partners’ staff of activities that receive direct funding from the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Hub. List of WEE CoP First Tier members.
  2. Second Tier: USAID-wide activities that increase women’s economic empowerment development results but do not receive direct funding.
  3. Third Tier: Private sector partners, existing networks and associations, and the wider donor and development community who, as appropriate, may be invited to participate in the CoP for specific learning activities and events, contribute to developing select learning products, and/or share evidence produced.

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